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Many enlightened cat owners look to herbal treatment for cat health complaints. They are also using herbal treatments to keep their cat fit and healthy so that it can avoid getting these health complaints in the first place. This article examines how you can get the most out of herbal treatment for cat health.

1. Holistic approach to cat health

You need to look at all aspects of your cat's health and not just one complaint in isolation. If your cat is stressed out, eating badly and not getting any exercise, then it is more likely to get sick. Happy, active cats with good diets are far less likely to get sick.

But this did get many of us to question “what is in our cat food”? Unfortunately the answer isn't very comforting. As I began researching so I could understanding pet food labels I was surprised at what I found. The more I read the more I was convinced I needed to start feeding my cats organic cat food.

Not to say that every single organic cat food is far superior, but most companies that produce strictly organic cat food are far more conscientious than mainstream companies, especially if you stick to trusted brand names.

The Unhealthy Truth

Producing pet food is a money making business (as everything seems to be). Most conventional pet food manufacturers cut corners to save money and inflate profits. They use by-products and cheap fillers along with additives, many of which aren't good for cats.

I have heard and read hundreds of stories from pet parents about how they were able to overcome or reduce certain cat health problems by changing to a higher quality food. Many of the fillers cause problems in a cat's system. They can become allergic or sensitive to these cheap ingredients and when they aren't processing their food correctly or getting the nutrients they need it starts to take a toll on their immune system which eventually causes cat health problems in many cats.

4. Keep to regular dosing

When your cat is taking herbal supplements it's vital that you keep the dosing regular. It takes a little while for herbal treatments to take effect, so don't expect immediate results. Depending on the goal, it can take a few days or weeks for the benefits to be realised.

5. Don't be afraid to use the vet in case of emergencies

You cannot rely on herbal treatments for absolutely every single potential health problem that your cat might endure. There is a time for herbal treatment for cat health and there is a time for taking kitty to the vet. One does not exclude the other, so use your common sense to pick the appropriate course of action.

I hope that these hints help you get the most out of herbal treatment for cat health. It's important to ensure that you have a proactive approach to keeping kitty healthy. For example, do you have a plan for how you are going to avoid her getting fleas? What are you doing to ensure her digestive health? A healthy cat is a happy cat

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